Coin Dozer APK

Developer: Game Circus LLC Size: 19.4 MB Version: 7.9 Requirement: 2.2 and up Price: Free

Coin Dozer 7.9 APK

Change log
  • New game, Coin Dozer 7.9 has been released so you can try or play it on your Android. I have some tips and trick for you to play this game easily so you can win. The rules in this game is very unique. So the players initially supplied 40 coins. If the coins run out, the coins could add another 1 every 30 seconds. Imagine the time I spend waiting only for coins as irritated when’ve lived a little longer falling coins. There are other unique mechanism that I like. This game was really not desperate to make his players run out of coins. So if we are out of the game, this game will charge the coin 1 piece every 9 minutes.

    So it is the way we use the algorithm of recording time in this game. Hours recorded on your phone when you’re out of the game. There are 2 ways. Brought forward or pushed back. But it is more comfortable wearing pushed back. Well, I will explain postponed because more easily understood and practiced. So before you get out of the game, make sure you change your phone date backward one day.

    Features of Coin Dozer 7.9 APK

    • Impressive 3D graphics
    • Amazingly realistic physics
    • Special coins and prizes
    • Multiple puzzles
    • Special effects
    Coin Dozer 7.9 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Coin Dozer 7.9 APK

    • FACT: Everyone now has Shake Points! The more your Shake Points Meter fills up, the bigger SHAKE you’ll get!
    • FACT: Bonus Items will now offer to help you if a prize gets too close to the edge! Be on the lookout for the new button to pop in!
    • FICTION: Cats can talk like a Parrot!
  • Apps Reviews

    This was one of the first games I installed on my phone, and I still never get bored! The Halloween version has more exciting graphics, but no shake points! Please fix this! Other than that, great game!