Little Empire APK

Developer: Camel Games Size: 37.2 MB Version: 1.19.1 Requirement: 2.2 and up Price: Free

Little Empire 1.19.1 APK

Change log
  • New Little Empire APK has been released a few days ago. It’s the latest version 1.19.1 which has new features and new servers. Once we choose the Hero, we construct a job and start preparing troops. After that there will be some options that appear on the screen of smartphone. You could say this is a major task (if you could say so) we have to do inĀ Little Empire game, such as harvest gold and crystal, helping friends (because this is an online game), stealing from friends, make upgrades, win the battle and the number of task-other tasks.

    Arena is a place where we would meet up with other players in a battle for the first time. This is where we tested the ability, as we will see other players (the original not a computer bot) where we cannot see our enemy formations before we start the battle. Therefore, we must prepare the troops, formations, and strategies as possible in order to win the battle.

    Just like an online game, we will interact with other users around the world are connected to the Internet in Little Empire 1.19.1 APK. We can invite friends and accept friend invitations that have added us as a friend. Often visiting our friends and help Empire to completing their tasks and open the chest that they have. In addition to helping them, we are also going to get a reward for the assistance we provide. In addition, the friends that we have can also help us in the battle if needed.

    Features of Little Empire 1.19.1 APK

    • First mobile game to use advanced skeletal animation techniques;
    • More fun and surprises with tactical formations;
    • 3 different heroes to choose from, each with different magic and spells. You can also arrange two heroes on the battlefield together, assisting one another;
    • 12 units either reinforce or neutralize each other, and as you level up, you can evolve your units with special spells;
    • Hundreds of buildings can be dotted with and reinforce your own kingdoms;
    • Become a legendary dragon slayer, defeating Medusa, the dragon Dorck, and other bosses.
    Little Empire 1.19.1 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Little Empire 1.19.1 APK

    • You may do a multiple feeding for your pet in the pet UI.
    • Battlefield rules change: 4v4 instead of 5v5; Single player matches another single player. and the vice versa. Add the restriction for the single players who use AB host.
    • Slightly lower difficulties of Crusade 4-5 and 5-10.
    • You can save the formations to the server.
    • Newly add double check button before they skip the battle.
    • Crusade left times appears in the reminder before you quit the game.
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    Build your kingdom, use many variation of formation to defeat your enemies, do challenge together with your friends, etc.