Plague Inc APK

Developer: Miniclip Size: 34.5 MB Version: Requirement: 2.2 and up Price: Free

Plague Inc. APK

Change log
  • The new version is available, you can update and download Plague Inc. for your Android directly. This version brings new features and fixed old bugs. It is an android strategy game which is claimed to be the best simulation games. This simple game is about bacteria or viruses, where you will play as a particularly deadly virus in the world. It will infect you to continue to play.

    Plague Inc. for Android is a game that at first glance looks simple but it requires proper thinking skills to complete each level and we will play as a tiny germ harmless, but we should continue to develop into the most deadly germs all over the world. There are three difficulty modes are offered: Casual, Normal, and Brutal. In the first play we can only choose one type of classification of germs: bacteria. After finishing the game with that type will open new options such as viruses, fungi, and even Bio – Weapon. When we have become a dangerous virus in the world and is able to infect anyone then we will be racing against time because at that time many countries in the world are trying to stop us.

    Features of Plague Inc. APK

    • Stunning graphics with a highly polished interface (Contagion guaranteed)
    • Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world with advanced AI (Outbreak management)
    • Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system (I am Legendarily helpful)
    • 12 different disease types with radically different strategies to master (12 Monkeys?)
    • Full Save/Load functionality (28 Saves Later!)
    • 50+ countries to infect, hundreds of traits to evolve and thousands of world events to adapt to (Pandemic evolved)
    • Full game support for scoreboards and achievements
    Plague Inc. Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Plague Inc. APK

    • Plague Inc. Mutation 8 discovered – The “”Mega”” Mutation
    • “Mega-Brutal” difficulty – for players who thought Brutal was Casual!
    • Mega new Cheat Modes – 3 new cheat modes which will all give you very different experiences.
    • Use cheats on any type (and even combine different cheat modes!)
    • New Scenarios – 4 new scenarios give players brand new challenges from infecting the world with a 30,000 year old virus through to surviving in a world with artificial organs
  • Apps Reviews

    This game is so cool, however without the full version it’s not to good. 69p for full version is a bargain the game is so good. I have not experienced (so far) any bugs or glitches. I think it really gets some thoughts going about illness. If you have it, name your character the same name as someone you hate, it’s so funny.