Path APK

Developer: Path, Inc. Size: 16.7 MB Version: 4.1 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Path 4.1 APK

Change log
  • Path 4.1 APK is available so you can update your app to get better performance. If you are using Android wear you can use this app now. The first main features is a Private Sharing. With this feature, a social media app that is quite ‘exclusive’ is becoming increasingly exclusive. Private Sharing allows you to share information, jokes and pictures of special memories for individuals nearby. How to use this feature very easy, after the capture the moment, you just touch the padlock icon on the screen. In this way, the image can only be seen by you. From here you can add a list of friends that you want to be able to see the photo. Your friends will know that the picture is a picture of ‘private’ as smile icon has been replaced by a padlock icon. They can know who you share with seeing the ‘seen’ her.

    The second feature is the Inner Circle. With this you can select some nearby friends, partner or close friend to share the most personal photos. To use the Inner Circle, you just need to touch your finger on the star icon next to their names in the Friends List. Your friends will know that they are special friends ‘inner circle’ to see images of stars in the corner of the photo.

    One of the superior point of Path 4.1 is the UI, UX, and navigation on the Android and iOS platforms alike. There is no significant difference and this sensation was chatting with a very exciting in both the platforms. If you have a hobby chatting social media such as Facebook and Twitter, it seems you have to try as I tried on this Android device.

    Features of Path 4.1 APK

    • Simple Privacy
    • Share Moments
    • Timeline Search
    • Better than Likes: Use emotions to better express your feelings towards a friend’s post on Path-smile, frown, laugh, gasp, or love.
    • Inner Circle: If you find yourself with too many friends, get back to simpler times by setting up an Inner Circle of friends or family.
    • Private Moments: Even your most private moments are safe. Post a moment private to just yourself, or with a group of people you choose.
    Path 4.1 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Path 4.1 APK

    • TV Moments: What are you watching right now? Crime dramas, reality TV, cheesy sitcoms, or something else? We make it easy to share any of the above from the comfort of your couch.
    • Bug Fixes
  • Apps Reviews

    I think Path is the best social media for private friends this far since I used it the most than other apps. But there’s still some bugs like can’t process video while I want to upload video, can’t detect some places that I always checked-in in the previous version also I can’t add places, it won’t appear even though I already add it from foursquare.