Terraria APK

Developer: 505 Games Srl Size: 45.2 MB Version: 1.2.6667 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Terraria 1.2.6667 APK

Change log
  • Terraria 1.2.6667¬†APK has been updated so we can get it the newer version. This game is very popular and you will get many friends which play it. Adventure game app lovers will certainly not pass this game. Application created by 505 Games Srl invites the player to explore the game character journey. In the game, players are invited to wander. They are given a variety of weapons to accompany them during this adventure. Some weapons were directly given freely by the game is the sword, hammer and hoe. For those beginners who have never played it. no need to worry because this game gives a tutorial step by step how to run the app. The language of instruction used in this application will automatically use the English language.

    The user must use the control buttons on the bottom left to move the character. Players simply move right, left, up, or down to make the character move position. Players must direct when the characters have to jump so that he could move on to a higher position. It is not difficult, just set the player character to perform a little jump just a little bit. In some sections, the player can bring a character to move down to the basement. Below ground, the player can do the digging so that they can find something.

    Each character excavations will be calculated automatically by the operator so that players can know how many blocks they have collected. The more often the player doing the digging, then the player can find a variety of new weapons. Excavation is not only done in the basement. Players can explore in a variety of places. As a first step, the player only needs to follow the direction of Terraria. Then the player must try in various places.

    Features of Terraria 1.2.6667 APK

    • The Tutorial World.
    Terraria 1.2.6667 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Terraria 1.2.6667 APK

    • Over 1000 new items (including 30+ new block types)!
    • Over 100 new enemies
    • 4 new bosses, 15 new pets, 8 more NPCs
    • Create a new world to experience brand new biomes & updates to old ones
    • New events, new music – and weather!
    • Many items now stack to 999
    • Bigger chests!
    • TONS of other improvements – too many to list!
  • Apps Reviews

    For the longest time I’ve played it on mobile, first on my Kyocera Rise, my first smartphone, and on my Kyocera Hydro vibe. Throughout the life of my phones, I’ve played most of the wonderful updates. Keep it coming! I’m enjoying this game, and you should too gamers! Note: I have not had a single error with this game, truth be told. Not once has it crashed on me. Not once has it force closed.