Diner Dash APK

Developer: PlayFirst, Inc Size: 31.9 MB Version: 1.3.4 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Diner Dash 1.3.4 APK

Change log
  • Diner Dash 1.3.4 APK has been updated so if you are using old app you can download the newer version and install it for free to your device. This is very popular game and now it’s coming to Android. The concept used is exactly the same, you will play as Flo who should set the overall operational restaurant. This means you must provide a menu, giving the menu to the chef, delivering, and cleaning tables. The challenge is still the same, namely to ensure the selection of your action is the most effective, for example, immediately took two orders at once rather than one at a time. If you’ve never played it then you will not be surprised by anything in this game

    So there is nothing new in this Dash? Not really, in fact almost everything is new. We’re talking about the use of the assets that really new. Overall the level of the 90′s is regenerated with a new look and graphics. Even the main character Flo we also remade, now he looks more cheerful and young. Although the first character is actually more natural, a little messy and looks like has not take care of the restaurant 2 days sleep.

    In addition to the re-created graphics, you also will be made hassle with 20 types of different customers. An example is an anti-social Hennui need to talk to before he would sit or stingy customer who will try to run away after eating. Types of customers like this will make the gameplay becomes richer (aka hard) depends on the ability of your management.

    Features of Diner Dash 1.3.4 APK

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  • What's New in Diner Dash 1.3.4 APK

    • Earn special prizes not available in the store, including hats, power ups, and Dinero!
    • Deck the halls with new decor sets for each venue!
    • Collect all of the themed decor sets for special boost bonuses!
    • Take part in the epic Holiday Event starting December 22nd! Helpers have gone haywire and it’s up to you to save the day!
    • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance
  • Apps Reviews

    This game is so much fun. I’ve been playing your games since the very beginning. This is by far different from the rest of them. Yes you have to wait a after you waste 3 energy to play again. But it is better that way so you won’t finish game so fast.