Spider-Man Unlimited APK

Developer: Gameloft Size: 22.4 MB Version: 1.2.0h Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Spider-Man Unlimited 1.2.0h APK

Change log
  • There is new game Spider-Man Unlimited 1.2.0h APK which will give you great story game. This game is free so you can download it easily and install directly. This game is arguably not entirely as an endless runner because in the main mode you must complete the quest to be able to play the next level. These quests range from collecting items, beat the enemy, to reach the finish line safely. But, gameplay is feel like an endless runner.

    The first time you start, you will be given a brief tutorial along with an animation that is not too long but not too short that opens the story of the game. I was quite surprised to see this animation is fairly good, especially the animation is accompanied by the voice acting is not bad. An exciting way to open the endless runner game!

    For the main gameplay you’ll find a common way to play endless runner, swipe left or right to switch lanes, swipe up to jump, swipe down to make sliding. After a few levels I started to think if this is all that is offered by the Spider-Man then this game would get boring very quickly, even using one of the most famous characters on the planet. But when I started to feel tired all of a sudden I was introduced to a new mode that is hanging. Of course, this app, no wonder I was missing something from the start of the game. Hanging can be done by means of a tap and hold. The thrill is when you’re in the air remains no obstacle that would block so you also have to adjust the timing of your taps.

    Features of Spider-Man Unlimited 1.2.0h APK

    • Enjoy the thrill of the first Amazing arcade web-runner! Swing, run and fight through chaotic NYC in over 5 different environments!
    • Go beyond an endless runner game with superior fighting and running gameplay! Combat dimensional super villains, web-swing, go running up walls and perform skydives!
    • Play story mode with 5 boss battles to fight and 25 missions per Issue! The action never stops with new daily and weekly events and spectacular rewards in Events Mode! Or run to the top of the leaderboards in Unlimited Mode!
    • A continually running, episodic adventure game: The Sinister Six are moving from dimension to dimension, destroying everything in their path – and our world is next! But this ultimate army is fighting to give the Six a run for their money!
    • Much more
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  • What's New in Spider-Man Unlimited 1.2.0h APK

    • Enter MORLUN & KARN. Rival brothers, immortals, incredible power.
    • 8 new Spiders including ULTIMATE & SILK!
    • Party like it’s 2099! Dimension 2099 & snowy NY environments!
    • Face HYDRO-MAN this Holiday!
    • Coming soon: Vote for the next!
  • Apps Reviews

    This update finally fixed a lot of issues. There is minimal lag which makes the game much more fun and smooth.