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Developer: No Power-up Size: 8.7 MB Version: 1.0.0 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Amazing Wire 1.0.0 APK

Change log
  • Amazing Wire 1.0.0 APK is coming to Android. For you who like adventure game this game is for you. It’s unique with the gameplay which is like Flappy Bird. The aim of this game is very easy to make the ‘wire’ is not exposed to the barrier wall. Of each wall there is a small gap barrier that we must not miss. Like other endless game, this game does not have the conditions for victory and defeat is when our condition on the wall.

    The main controls are very simple, tap the screen to go up, release to go down. But in this game, the line movement is affected by the momentum and gravity, when we are too old to suppress the more steep and rapid ascent. When we are too old to take it off it will be very steep fall and even harder to restore it. Gameplay like this we often find good lately because of a trend, but I can remember that even when I was a junior existing game with such a mechanism helicopter game is available for PC at the time. So in terms of gameplay is not very creative in my opinion.

    But as I said earlier, audiovisual aspect of this game is very good indeed. That comes to my mind is thatĀ Amazing Wire with simple look very plausible, but why is rare? What I mean is super simplistic view that only consist of lines and colors. And I think the theme is very appropriate in this game, coupled with the BGM piano tunes that did not bother making this game very soothing once to play.

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    • Free
    • From the maker of Amazing Brick
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    A simple, fun and elegant game It is an enjoyable game and very beautiful to watch. I like the controls and speed that the line changes direction. I can deal with advertising seeing as it’s a free game and I haven’t been affected by any glitches.