Iron Desert APK

Developer: BV Size: 27 MB Version: 1.3 Requirement: 2.2 and up Price: Free

Iron Desert 1.3 APK

Change log
  • Iron Desert 1.3 APK has been released. The new game in Android device but it’s very popular on the other device will give you many features., Skyforge game publisher, has announced its newest mobile games. This is conveyed through his Facebook page where they ask for the support of the community Skyforge to try games that are intended for iOS and Android.

    Iron Desert is a tactical game where there is a PVE campaign exciting, dynamic development headquarters and thousands of enemies from around the world will join in this hot battle. There is a storyline that will produce stories, battles and interesting gift, dynamic combat system is very accurate battle in trying to win it. The graphics are displayed also quite realistic and certainly not forget the battle between players. Once you upgrade your military base and make sure that the defense tower of your central command point is always on top, you can start seizing territory with confidence. Send tanks into combat, obliterate your opponents’ bases, take valuable resources, and become more powerful, more influential, and richer!

    Of course there are also dangerous opponents: You must overthrow the mad tyrant, Iron Dragon, defeat his henchman Commander Scar, and free the continent from their oppression. Join other players, create your own clan, participate in PvP-battles, and grind into dust all who stand in your way on the path to rule the desert!

    Features of Iron Desert 1.3 APK

    • Dynamic battle: deftly issue orders during battle to turn the course of events in your favor.
    • Battles against other players: attack enemy bases, take resources, in short: dominate. Each enemy army must be destroyed; each battle must be won!
    • Ratings and tournaments: aim for victory and earn the title of best commander.
    • Interesting storyline: participate in captivating campaigns, free captive territories, and earn generous rewards for your achievements.
    • Realistic graphics and a grand soundtrack: forget about everything around you and immerse yourself in the game!
    Iron Desert 1.3 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Iron Desert 1.3 APK

    • A new PvE zone is added. New maps are already available and Commander Scar’s treasures are waiting for the heroes.
    • Share the forces! Now you can send forces to your clan mates and receive reinforcement to you Squad Hall.
    • Daily bonus! Get gold, diamonds, stripes and obelisks simply for launching the game!
    • St. Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the atmosphere of the true romance of the Desert with the new load screen and special holiday decor.
    • The interface of closing the attack replay was upgraded.
  • Apps Reviews

    Its good just make you wanna play more and more , to keep up on war and build a bigger better army.