Respawnables APK

Developer: DIGITAL LEGENDS ENTERTAINMENT SL Size: 44 MB Version: 2.7.0 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Respawnables 2.7.0 APK

Change log
  • Respawnables 2.7.0 APK is now available for Android. If you want to update or fresh install you can download it directly. It invites players to enter the game area. For starters, there is no choice but to compete in the Sandtown area. This is because other areas can only be opened if the player has reached a certain stage. In the first phase, the player will be given as much time as 150 minutes to complete the game. During this time given the player should be able to kill the enemy as much as possible.

    In this game, the player must be keen to see the enemy there. Enemies in this game there are a soldier or the same character with the player. Every enemy killed, will result in the prize. So the player must take the time to kill the enemy, whether there is a prize of bombs, potions for energy enhancer, or enhancer of time.

    Thing that Respawnables 2.7.0 players should further note is that when a player is hunting the enemy, there are other players who are also chasing the enemy so that later if the enemy were killed, players will fight for the prize. One game has 3 stages of time, i.e. 150 minutes, 90 minutes, and 45 minutes. How to perform fire control in this application is to rotate the icons located on the left or right of the screen. The left portion serves to focus the target while the right side to activate the weapon. For the players who are already familiar with certain video games very easily run this app.

    Features of Respawnables 2.7.0 APK

    • More than 185 single missions to complete
    • Fast paced gameplay for brisk fun
    • Short battles for entertainment on the go
    • Seamless connection and matchmaking
    • Two modes: Free For All & Team VS
    • Play with your Facebook friends on team battles
    • WiFi and 3G/4G connections enabled
    • 60+ customization items with attributes
    • 30+ killer weapons
    • Progressive skill tree
    • Gadgets and boosters
    • Much more
    Respawnables 2.7.0 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Respawnables 2.7.0 APK

    • Festive themed map: Chinatown
    • Chinese New Year Event: Banish the evil spirits of the Nian beast to gain Good Fortune points and get prizes for FREE!
    • Chinese Heroes Armors: a bundle that includes three hero armors with great stats, protection against explosives, and Good
    • Fortune points’ multipliers.
    • Firecrackers: Dynamite gets a festive skin.
  • Apps Reviews

    I’ve been playing it for about 3 years and its still awesome for me but there’s one problem there is to many people using the Noisey Cricket and I’m not saying to take it out I’m just saying for the next update make it have 2 for its power or what ever it’s celled cause every time I play there’s going to be about the whole lobby of people with Noisey crickets.