Developer: Chainfire Size: 5.6 MB Version: 2.46 Requirement: 2.1 and up Price: Free

SuperSU 2.46 APK

Change log
  • SuperSU 2.46 APK has been updated and developer just fixed about “L” preview. But, there are some improvements so you can update it for free to get the best performance. Unlock Root used as root-management for binaries that have their install on our Android. This application is not as Superuser because these applications are not much use, not as many superuser users. But this application is pretty good overall. As Superuser, this application also has 2 versions, the first is free and the second is Pro.

    What’s the difference? No need to explain anymore about the price difference, the obvious application the Pro valued $ 2.49 by a developer named Chainfire, it is cheaper. And some users say that the application is faster and more stable than the Superuser. Yep, all depends on yourself.

    This is an alternative to the application to gain root access in addition to using the superuser app. It has similar functional and almost no difference but some opinions on the big forums like the android forums, xda and a few others, in their opinion, SuperSU 2.46 has better features and faster than superuser on version 4.0 or up, especially in jelly bean. Besides that, it has more access to the system that are not owned by the superuser app.

    Features of SuperSU 2.46 APK

    • Superuser access prompt
    • Superuser access logging
    • Superuser access notifications
    • Per-app notification configuration
    • Temporary unroot
    • Deep process detection (no more unknowns)
    • Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)
    • Works when Android isn’t properly booted
    • Works with non-standard shell locations
    • Always runs in ghost mode
    • Wake on prompt
    • Convert to /system app
    • Complete unroot
    • Backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies
    • Icon selectable from 5 options + invisible
    • Theme selectable from 4 options
    • Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* (*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)

    Alternative download link supersu apps apk

    SuperSU 2.46 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in SuperSU 2.46 APK

    • Installer adjustments
    • Fixed some su.d scripts not running because of logwrapper bug
    • Fix native NPE in username resolution
    • Fixed several binary update issues
    • LD_PRELOAD sanitization
    • Improved dumpstate work-around
    • Improved killing dead per-uid daemonsu
    • Backuptool support for Lollipop, /system/su.d
    • CM12 policy adjustments
    • supolicy timing adjustment (Motorola Lollipop)
    • rootfs remount issue fixed (HTC)
    • Remove more competing leftover binaries
    • Updated language files
  • Apps Reviews

    This is the super user app to get. There are others but with a mission critical app like this I do not experiment. And it works great also.