Iron Knights APK

Developer: Actoz Soft Size: 17.8 MB Version: 1.1.9 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Iron Knights 1.1.9 APK

Change log
  • Iron Knights 1.1.9 is available with optimized network. This game is very cool which has HD 3D graphic. In this game, you play as a knight who fought the war god choice facing the invasion of monsters from the world of darkness. Like the game hack-and-slash RPG you’ve ever played another, here you are given sufficient control to issue a series of combo attacks, to the effect that the enemy attack was covered on the screen. Not only that, the game also include some variation of normal attacks are differentiated according to the weapon you hold, whether it’s holding two guns in each hand (dual hand), normal attack (longsword) and wielding a giant sword (great weapon).

    Although Iron Knights do not provide the type of ranged attacks for the character that you play, overalls here action hack-and-slash really feels represented by melee combat action that you do throughout the game. Interestingly, in this game you also play as a party leader who can recruit a few characters and monsters as well as help others to participate in the battle.

    Features of Iron Knights 1.1.9 APK

    • Brilliant 3D Graphics featured with Spectacular Lighting Skills!!
    • Hack your way through an EPIC STORYLINE
    • SLASH hundreds of enemies and massive bosses
    • Play with up to 4 units and summon your friends’ Hero to aid you in danger.
    • Collect various type of Heroes to build the Best Party from over 200 fellows.
    • Upgrade your equipments from over 1000 of items to loot.
    • Make friends and get help on your adventure to save the world.
    • Chase down the monsters in Monster Battle Mode
    • Fight along with your friends to hunt down Bosses
    • Challenge yourself in the Infinite Fortress of Chaos
    • Fight against others WORLDWIDE in PVP mode
    • Defeat your Rivals every day. (5 Rivals Daily)
    • Unleash devastating amounts of damage with various skills and abilities
    • Combine Up to 3 skills in a row for maximum damages.
    • Choose your skill combination from 9 different skills!
    • 4 types of Element : Fire > Poison > Lighting > Ice > Fire
    • Build an effective team by the elements type of Weapon & Units
    Iron Knights 1.1.9 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Iron Knights 1.1.9 APK

    • Minor bugs fix
    • Optimized network performance
  • Apps Reviews

    The game is a combination of hack n slash action RPG with many card game which is you can enhance and combine monster or hero which you got from the game. So far it’s free and it’s up to you if you want to strengthen with item mall.