Just Dance Now APK

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment Size: 49 MB Version: 1.2.8 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Just Dance Now 1.2.8 APK

Change log
  • Just Dance Now 1.2.8 APK has new version. If you are still using previous app you can update it by downloading this version and install it on your Android. One plus value, this is you now do not need a gaming console (or peripheral Kinect cameras are expensive) to make free dance to the rhythm of the song is there, because now everything will be connected directly via a wireless connection on your monitor screen with sensors in the smartphone iOS / Android that ye handheld. How it works is quite simple game that reminds me a little earlier with the existence of game console Wii version, where you have to move the Wii Mote sensor controller in hand while following the dance instructions are displayed on the TV screen.

    That makes this game look so attractive, now you and your friends can play together through the existence of multiplayer options that allow you to dance with each smartphone grip in hand. I personally tried the new single player features are provided, and so far … I am amused by the concept of “dancing smartphone” that is brought it, although I am a little bit worried if my smartphone any time missed and fell to the floor from too eager to follow instructions given.

    Overall, with more than 50 international titles hits that you can access when you joined the VIP Pass offers, Just Dance Now is an exciting treat rhythm game for you try this week, although in practice it turns itself you can also cheat by way smartphones moving recklessly without following the dance moves displayed on screen.

    Features of Just Dance Now APK 1.2.8

    • Simply launch the app on your smartphone.
    • Then, hold your smartphone in your right hand and follow the dancers on screen!
    • No limit to the number of players!
    • You can either play solo or dance with all your friends and family!
    • Everyone can participate!
    • Try out a selection of songs from the catalogue for free! (2)
    • Buy a VIP Pass (3) to access the full catalogue of songs from legendary hits to today’s top tracks.
    • Check out the new tracks added regularly!
    • Use your smartphone to record your friends dancing with the DanceCam feature!
    • Share your video on Facebook at the end of the dance session to keep track of your favorite moments.
    • Access your personal stats at any time!
    • Connect to Facebook and check out your friends’ performances and share yours!
    • Browse the song catalogue to plan your next dance session!
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  • What's New in Just Dance Now 1.2.8 APK

    VIP pass owners : you can now easily restore your purchases

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    App works perfectly now. Constant updates and support is why I still play this.