Crusaders Quest APK

Developer: NHN Entertainment Corp. Size: 48 MB Version: 1.5.8.KG Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Crusaders Quest 1.5.8.KG APK

Change log
  • Crusaders Quest 1.5.8.KG¬†APK is now available with so many improvements from the developer. In the latest version you will get better performance. This is a game that combines action with RPG in visual pixelated. A game which is intended for mobile devices that can now be obtained through the service’s App Store and Google Play Store.

    This is the latest action RPG game pixel of South Korean developer, TOAST. In this game, players get more than 200 heroes and defeat from monsters attack in rescue mission from evil forces. After strengthen your hero troops, bring them into PvP battle to test your strength against the world.

    With 200 collectible hero, there is no limit to combine your forces can be brought to the battlefield. Now, the game is already available on the iPhone, iPad and Android.

    Features of Crusaders Quest APK 1.5.8.KG

    • Real-time and fast paced puzzle combat! Match your heroes’ skill blocks to quickly decimate your foes.
    • Play 6 unique classes and recruit over 200 unique heroes, each with their own strengths on the pixelated battlefield.
    • Quest to save the kidnapped Goddesses and add their powers to your team.
    • Level up your characters and equip hundreds of powerful weapons to strengthen your 8-bit crusaders!
    • Beautiful 8-bit pixel graphics that capture the retro feel of classic RPGs.
    • Challenge your friends for Honor in the PVP arena and see who has strongest heroes!
    Crusaders Quest 1.5.8.KG Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Crusaders Quest 1.5.8.KG APK

    • Filled with the strength of Heroes, the Soulbound Weapons have emerged!
    • Return the Soulbound Weapons to your Heroes!
    • Craft Soulbound Weapons by collecting Fragments of the Crystal Sword!
    • The new game mode, Fortress of Souls, has been updated!
    • Drake, Gon, R-0, Crow, Rachel, and Nurspy have had their skills balanced!
    • Meet the powerful updated Heroes!
  • Apps Reviews

    Fun, addictive, challenging. Really like this game. Good variety of characters and the best ones are not too hard to get. Easy to build a good team with most characters. Not P2W, cute graphics. Glad I downloaded.