Plunder Pirates APK

Developer: Rovio Stars Ltd. Size: 43 MB Version: 1.7.1 Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free

Plunder Pirates 1.7.1 APK

Change log
  • There is new game from Rovio, Plunder Pirates 1.7.1 APK is now available for you who want to install the game easily to your device. Download the latest version and get the new features. In this game you will lead the pirates, ocean surf, search for treasure and defeat the other pirates. Similar to Clash of Clans but in this game you can explore the ocean and expand your territory to roam in areas that have never flown. Not only that, when browsing we can also look for treasure to add to our wealth. If you think you are strong enough, you can attack other pirate territory to deplete their assets.

    As I explained above, this game almost has a similar gameplay to the game Clash of Clans where you will build the headquarters plow lau widest and strongest in the ocean. From some of the existing buildings in this game, almost 70% the same as the game Clash of Clans. But there are also some unique buildings such as Guild Ship, the ship will help you to navigate the oceans and of course there are crew members of a guild maid who will help you when the cruise.

    At the beginning of Plunder Pirates game, you will build some buildings that serve to support the economy as well as your defense. You can also recruit members to help you in the sail. This crew will bring you to roam the oceans looking for a productive island and the island can be colonized. Later you will open all the boxes that contained the treasure map yours. Every few boxes there are 3 open a mysterious box that you can open. There is a box that contains the treasures of the island and there is the island that contains the headquarters of other pirates. Your goal in the headquarters of pirate attack other players is to deplete the opponent’s possessions and expand power. You would put your crew in the water and the crew was going swimming or paddling canoes to attack the opponent’s headquarters. Either because I played using a smartphone or indeed the crew size is too small, the crew looks like grass running.

    Features of Plunder Pirates 1.7.1 APK

    • BUILD an epic 3D pirate island then spin it 360° to see every angle!
    • ASSEMBLE a crazy pirate crew from 10 seafaring scoundrels!
    • EXPLORE uncharted waters in your mighty galleon!
    • BATTLE rival Captains, conquer enemy islands and plunder their booty!
    • JOIN a Pirate Guild with your friends and enjoy exclusive Guild perks!
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  • What's New in Plunder Pirates 1.7.1 APK

    Fix bugs

  • Apps Reviews

    This game has superb graphics and plays smooth even on a older phone like mine. The game is super fun and addicting. I had talked with the support and they had replied to me within a day!