Empires and Allies APK

Developer: Zynga Size: 13 MB Version: 1.5.886180 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

Empires and Allies 1.5.886180 APK

Change log
  • Empires and Allies 1.5.886180 APK is now available for android and this is free for everyone. This is the latest game from Zynga, one of the best Android game developer. Previously, Zynga has released the game on Facebook, and now bring it to Android and iOS mobile devices. Although the same title, but both have considerable differences. Where one of the most obvious differences is the visualization, the mobile version is present using more realistic visualization, Facebook version is using cartoon visualization.

    Empires & Allies is developed by a development team headed by Mark Skaggs, who is Vice President of Games at Zynga. Previously, he made a series of very popular game FarmVille, and before joining Zynga in 2008, he worked in a team that develops a very famous RTS game for PC and consoles, Command & Conquer and Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth.

    The latest mobile version of Empires and Allies intended to bring back the spirit of play RTS (Real Time Strategy) traditional and formulated specifically for tablet devices and smartphones. In this game players must build a strong military, ranging from preparing the troops, tanks, helicopters to fighter aircraft, and a wide variety of weapons.

    Features of Empires and Allies 1.5.886180 APK

    • DESIGN YOUR PERFECT ARMY from the arsenals of today’s militaries with battle-hardened tanks, drones, helicopters, and more.
    • DEPLOY MODERN WEAPONS including tactical nukes, hellfire missiles, and orbital strikes.
    • DYNAMIC BATTLEFIELDS deliver increasingly difficult scenarios that emulate the unpredictability of warfare.
    • JOIN ALLIANCES to fortify defenses and reinforce attacking units
    • SAVE THE WORLD from the GRA, an evil terrorist organization, and defend your territories from other players
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  • What's New in Empires and Allies 1.5.886180 APK

    • Now supporting: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Russian
    • Sweeping visual improvements
    • Improved network connectivity
    • Improved game play stability
  • Apps Reviews

    A great empire game. The world combat map reminds me of FOE. The build menu is easy to use and you have lots of cool weapons like a stealth tank and a mega tank with two cannons.