Clash of Kings APK

Developer: Elex Size: 48 MB Version: 1.0.90 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Clash of Kings 1.0.90 APK

Change log
  • The next game is Clash of Kings 1.0.90 APK which has new features and improved performance. This is the latest version so if you still use old app it’s better to update it. This game is a real-time strategy genre empire building and controlling the Seven Kingdoms Fantasy. At the beginning of the game will be shown scenes forces would seize the palace occupied to build an empire. Sawmill is required to produce and store the one resource that is wood, can be increased levels of the building to get maximum results and also the storage capacity. Each increasing level of the building will get Exp character and power points.

    Stable needed to train cavalry. Increased building can train more units of the troops as well as open other types of cavalry. Farm necessary for producing and storing rice. Increased levels of buildings increase the yield and storage capacity.Barrack train infantry, increased levels of building train more troops and open other types of infantry. There are two types, namely the quest Quest recommended for normal quests are completed and completing various tasks. Quest recommendation was also shown at the tips, click to get a guide to complete the quest.

    In the World we can see the various kingdoms of other players and monsters and a variety of resources that we can take to send troops. Castle can be improved to open this type of building and other functions. In the castle there is also a royal buff and can see the amount of available resources. College in Clash of Kings game is needed for research to defend the kingdom. Please note that the increasing levels of building and conducting research can only be selected from among one, this applies also to other buildings that have the same function.

    Features of Clash of Kings 1.0.90 APK

    • Free to Play: Multiplayer Online PVP war
    • Vivid Fantasy Empire Graphics
    • Build an empire and clash with your enemies in a free fantasy kingdom!
    • Gather resources as you build massive empires. Defense against a tower rush is as important attacking an enemy empire.
    • SimCity like city building of your king’s empire! Defend your empire through strong battle strategy! Build a massive empire to build up your army!
    • Enjoy the battle games and PVP action on your mobile phone or tablet!
    Clash of Kings 1.0.90 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Clash of Kings 1.0.90 APK

    • Greatly increase the probability of obtaining materials when gathering resources in the kingdom map
    • Killing monsters in the map will surely earn steel
    • Greatly increase the amount of steel you can get in wishing well
    • During the event, the monster “Gargoyle” will appear in the map
    • Kill Gargoyle to receive Gargoyle Chest.Use Gargoyle Chest to earn various items rewards
  • Apps Reviews

    This game is one of the best game ive played and all the new updates have worked fine. Once you start playing this game its hard to stop.