Pixel Gun 3D APK

Developer: RiliSoft Size: 24.5 MB Version: 10.0.9 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Pixel Gun 3D 10.0.9 APK

Change log
  • Pixel Gun 3D 10.0.9 APK brings new guns, new arenas and more. Want to get install or update it? Download it directly so you can transfer to your device and install it easily to your Android. It allows you to play in three modes. The basic variant of the game is a classic Deathmatch, allowing you to connect to all over the world, or locally with friends. Developers have prepared for the needs of several large arenas and the distance to the disposal of large arsenal of weapons (knife and crossbow, the M16, lightsaber until the rocket launcher). The game can participate to ten players at once. There is also chat feature.

    The second mode is cooperation, suitable for up to four people. The struggle in this option are held for eight special maps and reduced to a common treatment location of the enemies which are controlled by artificial intelligence. It has been divided into dozens of increasingly difficult challenges that have come down to eliminate hordes of zombies and other enemies in Pixel Gun. There is no shortage of exciting clashes with the powerful bosses.

    Features of Pixel Gun 3D 10.0.9 APK

    • WORLDWIDE and local.
    • unique maps of various shapes and sizes.
    • Varied weaponry, ranging from Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle, Golden Desert Eagle and Lightsaber to the simplest things, in case you want to butcher someone with a knife.
    • Up to 8 players in one game.
    • Now chat is available! Talk with friends right in the battle!
    • Challenging and exciting experience that can really get you hooked!
    • Up to 4 Players in one game.
    • Chat is available as well!
    • 8 special maps.
    • Hardcore gameplay.
    • Coins as a prize for top results.
    Pixel Gun 3D 10.0.9 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Pixel Gun 3D 10.0.9 APK

    • Fixed bug with lasers
    • Real DRAGON!
    • Fire Orb
    • New chapter of the CAMPAIGN mode is added!
    • New mode: POINTS CAPTURE
    • Now you can play 5×5 matches in multiplayer mode!
    • Max level is extended to 31!
    • New weapons & upgrades: more than 17 BRAND new guns with unique mechanics
  • Apps Reviews

    Very fun FPS its just like minecraft but better.