Shmoney APK

Developer: SuperWebDev Size: 6.5 MB Version: 2.26 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Shmoney 2.26 APK

Change log
  • Shmoney 2.26 APK is updated and now we get faster FPS and background music. Download the newer version to get the best performance for your Android. This game is very unique and it’s not like Bounden. Bounden is a dance game in which 2 people would jointly hold a smartphone and dance together. If you see a video that is presented, you can see that there will be an abstract picture resembles the trajectory of the ball in the middle. Well, your job is to make a small circle moves down the track that is on the ball.

    To do so, you must move your device with tilt control. Unfortunately you can not do it alone, you need someone to accompany you play. You and your friends will jointly hold the same smartphone and put the thumb in place that have been provided. Then the two of you start moving the smartphone to a small circle had been able to pass through the existing track.

    If you think you can finish it alone, I think the answer is no. Looking at the video above I was not able to figure out how to reverse the position of the hands when we located behind the head while holding an iPhone. Is not this game made ​​to be played together? Therefore, try to play it with family, friends, girlfriend or your sister. Collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet dance is not a game make bounden carelessly. Each dance movement resulting from the bounden is choreographed by Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet. Each dance will also be accompanied by classical music from composer Bart Delissen who is experienced in making the game audio. So it can be concluded bounden mobile gaming is not the usual dance. I think it would be a pioneer bounden emergence of new breakthroughs in the field of art, especially the art of dance in the future. But Shmoney for Android is so different. Here is full details.

    Features of Shmoney 2.26 APK

    • Your objective is to do the shmoney dance and start tweaking your way out of trouble.
    Shmoney 2.26 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Shmoney 2.26 APK

    • Crash issues fixed
    • Background music added
    • Faster FPS
    • Bug fixes
    • Crash fixes for older phone
  • Apps Reviews

    I love this app and I stay playing it… would be nice though if the whole song with audio was included and if the graphics were improved but great game.