Rise of Sparta APK

Developer: Nox Games Size: 47 MB Version: 1.6.3 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Rise of Sparta: War and Glory 1.6.3 APK

Change log
  • Rise of Sparta: War and Glory 1.6.3 APK has been released. The series “War and Glory” is very popular now after get LIVE Contests features. Kratos has undermined Olympus. Then what? The question arises in the hearts of Kratos. For the first time Kratos experiencing emptiness. Olympus sword in front of his eyes made ​​him more upset. With a heavy step, Kratos falls off a cliff and did not know what to do.

    Kratos view more opaque, opaque, and go to dreamland. Everything is white, empty, there was nothing there. From a distance it appears that a foreign person. That’s amore, the god of love. Which begin to approach that it while playing beautiful music. Amore with his music calmed Kratos. “I am vain, no more hope.” Amore anxiety replied with a solution, “do not give up now, there is still hope, remember, the power of hope shines from your heart. Follow the light, learn your past and fix your fault.” As the music began to disappear and amore god kratos awakened. Kratos is still in a state of plunging past the river Styx and penetrating into the nether realm. Hades soul is owned by Kratos, no guardian who bothered him. Lands in front of a temple who had never touched Olympus gods, temple of hope. After recovering himself and bounce, the game began.

    Weapon without bound, because Zeus had to remove the curse from the soul kratos blades. Zeus is not as bad as expected. He has prepared a way to Kratos changed. The way that it never occurred to other gods in Olympus. That is the path of love. It’s about Rise of Sparta game for PC. Is this game has the same features? I think no. This is RPG game and you can read the features below.

    Features of Rise of Sparta: War and Glory 1.6.3 APK

    • Auto-translation that lets you communicate with players from anywhere in the world
    • Lead your army and cavalry to engage in legendary battles and win the day
    • Put your strategies to the test and achieve epic victory for the glory of empire
    • Forge the ultimate alliance of online players to achieve absolute world supremacy
    • Worship and summon the mighty Greek gods to increase military power and production capabilities
    • Trade the strategic resources in a real-time online marketplace
    • Much more.
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  • What's New in Rise of Sparta: War and Glory 1.6.3 APK

    • Performance optimization.
    • Bug fixes.
  • Apps Reviews

    This game is awesome fun easy to start just wish you could get different gods easier or choose one you want to worship in stead of just giving you Zeus still great game.