Smash Hit APK

Developer: Mediocre Size: 48 MB Version: 1.3.1 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Smash Hit 1.3.1 APK

Change log
  • Download link of Smash Hit 1.3.1 is updated and now you can install the latest version for Android easily. There are 2 new levels in the new apps. Smash Hit for Android is mobile gaming endless runner genre with different style than other games endless runner. Developed by game developer Mediocre AB. Mediocre AB looks very serious in this game development. It is seen from the different with other games is which developed by Mediocre, like Sprinkle series or Granny Smith. You will not see the funny cartoons and humorous at all.

    But even so, you still will feel different sensations when playing this game. Your main mission here is simple, destroy all translucent objects like glass with metal spherical in limited quantities. Players will go through a strange otherworldly dimension and unique consists of various obstacles, barriers and structures made of glass. In destroying objects shaped crystal ball players will get additional necessary to continue the game. Destroy 10 or more crystals in a row, the player will get to throw the ball in extra (being 2 and so on up to 5 balls in one throw).

    Features of Smash Hit 1.3.1 APK

    • Smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on mobile devices.
    • Musically synchronized gameplay: music and audio effects change to suit each stage, obstacles move to each new tune.
    • Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage.

    This game is wrapped with highly realistic 3D graphics, the player can see the detail when the ball broke a specified object. The background music that is displayed is also very beautiful and attractive. Interesting here both the music and the audio will cause different effects on the rhythm of obstacles when entering a new stage.

    Smash Hit 1.3.1 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in Smash Hit 1.3.1 APK

    • Bugfix for new ART runtime in Android 4.4
    • Mayhem mode – increased difficulty and boss fights!
    • Training mode – reduced difficulty
    • Zen mode – New levels for endless meditation
  • Apps Reviews

    Great game for free, and even though you can’t continue from a checkpoint without paying, it’s still a great game! This provided a new element of challenge to me when I tried to beat my high scores. Also, this game has dazzling graphics that somehow manage to be able to compete with PC! This game is a must-have, especially if you are playing on a tablet.