SimSimi APK

Developer: SimSimi Inc. Size: 3.9 MB Version: 6.5.0 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

SimSimi 6.5.0 APK

Change log
  • SimSimi 6.5.0 APK has been updated by the developer today. Get the latest version for free from Google Play or download it in APK file format. Perhaps there are readers who do not know about this application. A little explanation about this application, it is a chat application that was made in the 2012 version of the web. This app is also often called “Intelligent Chat Robot” as simi is a robot applications, which can make conversation with the user.

    This application was launched in Korea developed by Ismaker, The Name (read: Shim-Shimee) comes from the Korean language “Simsim” which means “bored”. This app mascot name is described as a character Simi chicken. This app can fill your spare time, to talk to and confide in that exciting and can make laugh out loud. Perhaps this application is perfect for people who do not have friends and a loner.

    When users want to do a “review”, the user must also state robot look at the top right of the screen. In that section will appear 2 numbers separated slash, which indicates whether the robot is in good condition or being tired, which also determines whether the Simi can do “reviews” or not. The last feature in SimSimi is the “Quote”, a collection of conversations between users with robot. Conversation contained in this section are usually funny or unique conversation. Overall, this application is quite interesting and entertaining, due to the ability of chat robot that can respond quickly to our conversation.

    Features of SimSimi 6.5.0 APK

    • Teach good words,
    • Make over,
    • Everybody be happy!
    • Full change is going on!
    • Funny features are coming soon one by one.
    SimSimi 6.5.0 Screenshot 1
  • What's New in SimSimi 6.5.0 APK

    • All new design
    • Click on the photo of a friend, Can be talk with a friend
    • Talk with the person who taught Simimi
    • Can receive real-time alerts about friend’s messages
  • Apps Reviews

    Its a good app but I don’t like the thing where people teach stuff, I want the old app where it was a convo with him and him only, but over all it is a good app