Skullduggery APK

Developer: ClutchPlay Games LLC Size: 36 MB Version: 1.0 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Skullduggery! 1.0 APK

Change log
  • Skullduggery! 1.0 APK has been released so if you like action game on Android you can play it for free. This game brings great feature and gameplay. In the Android version, the game is not only released as free-to-play with advertising, but also comes with new level. The iOS version to be patient to be able to taste the new level, at least until new update comes in this week.

    This game is unique mobile game where players have to throw skulls like catapult. There will be many obstacles that will block the rate of players and coins should also be collected. This game also introduces the “Head to Head” where players can compete with your friends and fellow users of this gaming applications.

    The main character in this game just looks like a skull that bounced and thrown in all directions. Gameplay of Skullduggery is unique, here you will drive this skull by pulling like a slingshot and unsnap the direction of the opponent’s head. Because of the uniqueness of this platformer game get pretty good points of some of the famous website.

    Features of Skullduggery! 1.0 APK

    • BRAIN POWER: Pull back ANYWHERE on the screen to stretch out your brain! Let go to snap your skull forward like a brainy rubber band.
    • BULLET TIME: Touch and hold in mid-air to slow down time, change directions, avoid deadly obstacles, and pull off crazy trick shots!
    • GRAVITATIONAL TRUANCY: Repeatedly jump by aiming again while your skull is mid-flight.
    • STEALTHINESS: Being small has advantages! Hide in trash cans, chests, and jars. Slip behind surly guards and take them out while their backs are turned!
    • HEADSHOTS: Take out enemies with a single well-placed fling to the cranium.
    • HEAD TO HEAD: Play ‘head to head’ against your friends to become the afterlife’s most successful agent.
    • BUREAUCRACY: Fill out paperwork and reflect on the inherent emptiness of existence!
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    Awesome physics & Controls. Quick learning curve but addictive. A lil short but the themed levels, level variety, hidden rooms, and the unlockables provide fun on multiple playthroughs.