Fruit Ninja Free APK

Developer: Halfbrick Studios Size: 28.2 MB Version: 2.3.0 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Fruit Ninja Free 2.3.0 APK

Change log
  • The new Fruit Ninja Free 2.3.0 APK has been released with some minor improvements. Download and install to get the best performance and get all the new features. This is one of the most popular games on Android, games split fruit is indeed unique. Games that rely on manual dexterity is positioned as a ninja with a katana blade which served to divide as much fruit.

    This game has 3 modes of play, the Classic, Zen Mode, and Arcade Mode. Each game mode has different rules, in Classic mode the user must divide all fruits were thrown, and only given a chance 3 times failed. Zen mode the user must have rules to divide the fruit as much as possible in 1 minute 30 seconds. Arcade mode has another challenge in the form of a bomb, if the user of the bomb was reduced value, and the degree of difficulty is increasing every 1 minute.

    More powerful when the fruit is cut off, this game really gives a realistic effect and make the piece as well as scattering of fruits are very detailed and specific. Then blend with the background screen that displayed interesting and not bore fruit ninja users. The main objective of this game is the only player required to cut fruits that appear on the screen smartphone by using a finger as well as the players who placed emphasis on the touchscreen display continuously to produce high scores for all game modes, either classic mode, arcade mode as well as in Zen mode.

    Features of Fruit Ninja Free 2.3.0 APK

    • Carve, splatter and slash your way through piles of colorful fruit in this juicy arcade action game.
    • Choose from three different game modes to play through: Classic, Arcade and Zen.
    • Customize your experience with unlockable weapons and backgrounds.
    • Use Starfruit to boost your arsenal with exhilarating power-ups and awesome super fruit.
    • Complete missions, hone your skills and earn rewards in our brand new challenge system.
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  • What's New in Fruit Ninja Free 2.3.0 APK

    • This game is five years old! Celebrate in style with our juiciest update yet!
    • ANNIVERSARY TOURNAMENT – Defeat six iconic opponents to unlock a powerful new blade!
    • NEW MINI GAMES – Juggle fruit, manipulate bombs, and master new tricks in six unique mini games!
    • GOLDEN EMBER BLADE – Trap your fruit in a fiery blaze and then slice it twice for epic high scores!
  • Apps Reviews

    Fun and great game especially if you know someone who plays that you can make jealous of the things you’ve unlocked and they haven’t.